Verizon Drops The Weather Channel – Fight back!

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June 25, 2015

If you like The Weather Channel, then this is an important announcement for you. Last month, Verizon FiOS dropped The Weather Channel from its programming—leaving millions of subscribers without the reliable weather coverage that they have grown to depend on.  It may not have happened to you yet but it has happened to millions and we want to stop it from happening to more people and restore The Weather Channel to those who have lost it.

Verizon claimed that more and more viewers are getting their weather information online or on their smart phones. We suspect that’s not the case for many of you, I’ve talked with many seniors who say they still turn to their television as their primary source for weather information. Many in Massachusetts, New York and Florida have already lost The Weather Channel.  They’ve lost the one place that provided them with up-to-the-minute updates on the latest news when weather strikes—from hurricanes to record-breaking winter storms and everything in between. To take that away from millions of seniors proves how Verizon is out of touch with its consumers and especially the senior community.

The fact that Verizon would deny The Weather Channel from their paying viewers is unbelievable. What’s more shocking is that they did it without any notice and without any regard to their customers.

We need to let Verizon know that it is unacceptable for them to deny older Americans the accurate and live in-field reporting from The Weather Channel that they rely on every day. RetireSafe once again is ready to lead the charge, to speak for you on issues that affect your daily life, but we need to hear from you.  We need to hear how you feel about what Verizon has done and how important The Weather Channel is to you.

If you are a Verizon customer, or depend on the news gained from The Weather Channel, please feel free to email me at with your comments. You can also share your views further on this issue by going to  to comment and see what others have said on the matter as well.