Where Will Anger Take America?

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March 10th, 2016

While the rhetoric is ugly, the name calling juvenile and the mud raking disgusting there is something very important this presidential election says about the American people . . . we’re mad and we ain’t gonna take it anymore.

Somethings up when a brash talking elitist billionaire can lead the Republican primaries when just four years ago a much calmer and nicer billionaire lost, mostly because he was a billionaire. Things have changed when a socialist not only can run but still be in the race. We’ve crossed the Rubicon when a candidate who was a thorn in the side of his own party, especially when he worked to shut down the government, now is his parties best chance of stopping a radical outsider from gaining the nomination.

RetireSafe is non-partisan. . . we don’t contribute to, or endorse, anyone running for, or serving in, a public office. We do, however, actively educate and advocate for older Americans and we identify those politicians who agree with our stance on important issues. That means we watch what is going on politically and with the American voter and we can tell you. . . somethings up, things have changed, we’ve crossed the Rubicon. . . America is angry. Americans of both parties are fed up with politics as usual and I’m not sure the pollsters and pundits have any idea how deep and how broad this anger runs. This anger has boiled below the surface for a long time but it began to show when Speaker of the House John Boehner was forced to resign as Speaker and then resigned from the House of Representatives. It came forth in full force as Americans have voted in the primaries. It continues to show its influence on the Republican candidates, goading them into losing their respectability and dissolving into using school yard tactics to win votes. The anger is unprecedented.

Now the question is, where will anger take America? Will it translate into change that benefits America, and from our perspective, older Americans, or will it turn into a force that hurts our country? Anger for the sake of anger accomplishes nothing. Anger with no principles is immoral and dangerous. Anger with no direction is easily defused or worse, re-directed. We’ve already seen the first fruits of this anger, disrespect for women and minorities and proposals that would inject the government into almost every part of our lives. This shouldn’t be what we are about. Our anger will not change our present form of government, at least not for a while, the constitution will still be relevant. What we do need to do is decide how best to channel this anger into a positive force.

There will be a lot of opportunities to vote from now until November. The presidential contest seems to be the focus of everyone, most seem to think it’s the only thing that matters, it’s not. . . there are important city, state and federal primaries and general elections that, in the long run, may be more important than who is President of the United States. Your city and state governments have a huge impact on you, they deal with problems that are often unique to you. Your state Senators and your Representative also have unique insights into issues that affect you locally. They also have an impact on issues that affect our nation. . . how the Federal government spends our money, how we are taxed, how Social Security and Medicare will be supported, our foreign policy, who sits on the supreme court, etc. Which party has a majority in the Senate and the House will have a big impact on our country and what the President is able to do.

When the dust clears in November we will have a new President but the real difference may be the new people you voted in, the people you kicked out and the statement you made with your vote. Vote for the people that reflect who you are, channel your anger into votes that will be focused on the issues that will matter after November, but above all, vote.