Add Four Years to Your Life — Get Vaccinated Against This Illness

September 5th, 2016

Fellow American,

In the past, this was the time of year that you worried about getting your kids their shots. It was an important part of keeping them healthy, and everyone did a great job… it dramatically reduced the impact of some diseases and totally eradicated others.

Now that you’re older it’s time to pay attention to your own shots… it can save your life!
It has been shown that preventing the first case of pneumonia is key to a longer life. Once you have had pneumonia you are more likely to get it again, and it has been shown that pneumonia sufferers’ lives are SHORTENED by an average of FOUR years.

You owe it to yourself, your kids, and your grandkids to get vaccinated for pneumonia.

Flu shots are also important this time of year. For those with weakened immune systems and other health issues, getting the flu is a dangerous proposition.

There are other health problems that can be avoided through vaccinations. Diphtheria, tetanus, shingles, even whooping cough can all be avoided if you get vaccinated, but you have to decide it’s important and take some action. We want to help.

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RetireSafe is a nationwide nonprofit advocacy organization. We don’t sell anything — we stand up for and help older Americans. We want you to stay healthy, so we have started a project with a goal of contacting at least a million mature Americans this month to urge them to get their vaccinations.

There are three steps you need to take:

1 – Find out what vaccines you need to get.  You can do that by clicking here which takes you to the Adult Immunization Vaccine Finder, a government site that will ask you questions about you and your life.  It will give you a list of vaccines that you may need.

2 – Discuss the vaccines on the list with your doctor or healthcare professional.

3 – Get the recommended vaccinations.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to be healthier and possibly add years to your life!

We urge you to follow these steps and to pass this email on to those in your family that you want to stay healthy.

Don’t wait – Vaccinate!



Thair Phillips – President