South Carolina – Certificate of Need Issue


May 12, 2016

RetireSafe: Standing Up for South Carolina’s Seniors by asking state legislators to reform Certificate of Need laws

Today, RetireSafe, a nationwide senior’s organization with more than 3,000 supporters and activists in South Carolina released a new video highlighting the need for the state Legislature to enable greater access to affordable healthcare in South Carolina by taking immediate steps to reform the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) law.

“As a senior’s organization, we have grown increasingly concerned about antiquated CON laws in states across the country.  CON laws stifle competition in healthcare, suppress innovation, delay patient care, and threaten higher costs for care,” said RetireSafe president Thair Phillips.

With only weeks left in the legislative session in South Carolina’s state capitol, this video points out that SC’s CON law creates unreasonable impediments and regulatory hurdles to even routine investments by local healthcare facilities, such as adding overnight hospital beds, expanding operating rooms, and adding lifesaving equipment and resources.

“We encourage the state legislators of South Carolina to take action now.  Reforming the state’s CON law is an essential step in creating a market-based approach to enhance South Carolina’s healthcare system and improve the quality of care that citizens receive,” said Mr. Phillips.


The full video can be found online here.

Further discussion of South Carolina’s CON law can also be found on RetireSafe’s blog.


Certificate of Need laws and their issues are not just a concern in South Carolina.  Check out what we did in Virginia to help reform COPN laws.

RetireSafe video release highlighting the need for state Legislatures to take immediate steps to reform “Certificate of Need” laws.

RetireSafe President Message about the Certificate of Need in South Carolina

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South Carolina’s House of Representatives passed this bill in 2015 to end the state’s Certificate of Need Program.  The State Senate has now stalled the bill.

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