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One Reason We Voted For TrumpFebruary 3rd, 2017

The Electoral College – Relevant or Outdated? – December 19th, 2016

Your Social Security Cost-of-living Raise is Really Zero or Less! – December 5th, 2016

Trump and Medicare – November 23rd, 2016

The Revolution Begins… Where Will Trump Take Us? – November 9th, 2016

The Shadow Organization that Calculates When You Are Too Old to Waste Money On – October 21st, 2016

How The President is Going to Cut Medicare Payments to Your Doctor and Force You to Pay More – October 14th, 2016

Obamacare Opens the Door to Cuts in Medicare Payment and Access – October 7th, 2016

Shadow Organizations That Impact Your HealthcareSeptember 30th, 2016

Add Four Years to Your Life — Get Vaccinated Against This Illness – September 5th, 2016

What’s the Real End Game of Obamacare? – August 19th, 2016

Survey Results: Will Obamacare Lead to Unsafe Medicines for You? – July 18th, 2016

Will Obamacare Lead to Unsafe Medicines for You? – June 30th, 2016

Survey Results – Pennsylvanians Tell Us Who They Prefer for President – June 14th, 2016

Out of Control Regulations Cost Businesses and You a Lot of Money! June 2nd, 2016

The President is Caught Again – May 20th, 2016

Presidential Activism – The Misuse of Presidential Powers – May 6th, 2016

Results for “Medicare Cuts Payments to Doctors” Survey – April 22nd, 2016

Obamacare – The Introduction to a New Way to Govern – March 24th, 2016

Where Will Anger Take America? – March 9th, 2016

Five Ways Obamacare Hurts Seniors – February 24th, 2016