A Survey of Voter Attitudes in Virginia

October 25, 2016


Earlier today we were pleased to release the results of our recent public opinion survey of 600 Virginians on their thoughts about Certificate of Public Need (COPN) reform ahead of the fast approaching legislative session. (click here for the detailed results)

Certificate of Public Need laws are long-standing, antiquated regulations on the expansion of healthcare services and the establishment of new healthcare facilities. For most people, COPN laws mean that you may not have access to a treatment or service at your hospital of choice if another hospital has it. COPN laws have been proven to raise the overall cost of healthcare.

Certificate of Public Need reform is an important issue to seniors and RetireSafe. Consequently, we wanted you to see the highlights of the study and how it affects Virginians like you.

  • Three-fourths of voters (76%) say it is extremely or very important for the Governor and legislature to work on the issue of healthcare. A bipartisan majority of voters say that the most important aspect for the Governor and state legislature to focus on is cost of care.
  • In fact, costs are far more important than either access or choice by significant margins regardless of geography and demography as well.
  • A 46% plurality of voters say there should be less regulation when it comes to healthcare. After learning the specifics of the state Certificate of Public Need (COPN) requirements, a 59% majority say the regulations go too far.

It is quite clear Virginians are looking for positive changes to our healthcare system, changes that remove the red tape and allow for access to affordable quality healthcare. That is why it is important that in this year’s legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly works on comprehensive COPN reform.

Be sure to visit RetireSafe’s website for future updates and news related to COPN reform in Virginia.




Thair Phillips – President