Survey Results – Pennsylvanians Tell Us Who They Prefer for President

In the last few weeks, RetireSafe participated in senior expos in south Central Pennsylvania.  We talked with hundreds of mature Americans about our government and especially about the presidential campaign.  I even had a chance to conduct a seminar to take the pulse of seniors in this area and I can tell you their pulse is up.

We took a survey at the expos asking older Americans who they preferred for President (almost 500 people participated, see what the survey looked like here).  We have done a survey like this during other election years and it became very evident that this election is different.  This area of Pennsylvania is known to be conservative and in past surveys in presidential election years the Republican nominee has garnered about 65% of the vote.  This year the tally was:

Trump 45%
Clinton 32%
Other 23%

A couple of things became very evident as we talked with people at the expo.  More people declined to take the survey than took it because they were undecided/disgusted with the choices.  In past years there was very little indecision as to who their favorite candidate was, this year, it seemed that no one was really sure who to vote for.  Even those that took the survey were somewhat unsure of their choice with 23% still preferring someone else.  I heard a lot of, “the lessor of two evils” and “anybody but the other person”.  I think only 10% of those that took the survey were 100% sure of who they liked.  This is truly a unique election year.

Four years ago Mitt Romney lost because he was a rich businessman.  This year one of the reasons Donald Trump won the Republican nomination was the fact that he spent his own money on his campaign and was a . . . rich businessman.

Newt Gingrich recently stated that we can throw all of the past election metrics out the window because we are now in a different political universe.  I think it is more evidence of how disillusioned America is with Washington.  Donald Trump won the nomination by tapping into this disillusionment, by proving he was not a politician.  He remains controversial, politically incorrect, outrageous and abrasive and these traits won him the Republican nomination.  Will this be enough to win the Presidency?  I don’t know.  Pundits, who seven months ago said there was zero chance that Trump could win the nomination, now admit they have no idea who will be our next President.
I do know one thing, after November, no matter who wins, it will not be business as usual in Washington.  It is evident that Americans are fed up and angry and in order to survive politicians will have to pay attention.



Thair Phillips – President