RetireSafe Urges Congress to Reauthorize the Prescription Drug User Fee Act

RetireSafe Urges Congress to Reauthorize the Prescription Drug User Fee Act

March 24th, 2017

The press release below was sent out today to focus attention on the reauthorization of an important program that helps fund the FDA so that medicines get to the marketplace faster.  As the letter states, we are afraid that the change in administration will delay this important program that should not be embroiled in politics.  We want to get life changing medicines to patients as quickly as possible.

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RetireSafe supports the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA).  The Act was enacted in 1992 to speed the progress of getting lifesaving medicines to the marketplace and it is even more vital to our health today. The reauthorization of PDUFA will continue this successful program that will speed these life-extending and lifesaving innovative medicines to waiting patients.  The reauthorization of PDUFA is a careful and thoughtful collaboration between the FDA and stakeholders, which include patient groups, providers and industry.  PDUFA has proven to be a dynamic program that has shown it can change as medicines become more complicated and now, more than ever, it needs to be reauthorized.This renewal period is especially challenging because it bridges the change in Presidents.  While the priorities of the new administration, including the leaders off HHS and the FDA, may change, the importance and focus of PDUFA should not and has not changed.  This Act must remain above politics and should be reauthorized as quickly as possible. An efficient approval process for lifesaving cures is not dependent on whatever health care system is in place.  We need these innovative medicines whether they are approved into the ACA or AHCA.

The President and Congress should recognize the collaborative work, the judicious focus and the vital importance to patients that the latest PUDUFA represents and approve it as quickly as possible.

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RetireSafe is a 150,000 strong nationwide grassroots organization that advocates and educates on behalf of America’s seniors on issues regarding Social Security, Medicare, health and financial well-being. RetireSafe expects its government to keep its promises, protect our nation, and maintain the safety and personal freedoms of its citizens.  RetireSafe believes in the power of the free market.


Thair Phillips – President of RetireSafe