Selected comments 4-9-16 survey

Selected Comments from Question 12 – (presented as written)

Get the Feds out of dictating policy. The out of control medical cost are at least in part because the government dictates expensive rules then does not do their part or pay their share.

They should pass legislation to protect the patient and doctor from unfair regulations.

Rein in the Executive Branch and take back control of what is Constitutionally the job of the Legislative Branch!

Not cut medicare payments to Doctors.  Some Doctors have to charge more just to make it, as medicare sets the rates. And those vary from state to state.

Only Congress should be making the new regulations so all of the ones implemented by the president should be removed and done away with

Stop decreasing payments to doctors. They are less expensive than hospitals. They deserve to be paid a fair wage.

Explain please what the difference in rembursement will be for various forms of infused meds.

Let Medicare contract for medications similar to what the VA does.

The current Congress is the agent trying to make these negative changes.  Health Care is governed by the insurance industry, not the Medical Professions. I’m an RN and have seen/experienced these changes, both as as a nurse and as a consumer.  We won’t have positive changes unless we get a more balanced Congress.

Medicare already cut Doctor fees to much. A lot of doctors refuse to see Medicare patients for that reason. This of course affects our quality of care.

Survey doctors to find out how many will accept decreases and how many will quit accepting Medicare patients.  Block decreases based on results.

I have a private Medicare Advantage Plan not regular Medicare because it pays doctors more, even so, my doctor is not accepting any kind of new Medicare patients so, I am left with no choices should I want to change my doctor (which luckily I do not). It’s scary, the government wants seniors to die as we are viewed as burdens even though we paid into the system all our lives. Stop meddling with Medicare. Good doctors work hard and should be paid for their knowledge.

They should listen to the families, and the people that can’t afford to take there medication, it would hurt everyone if medicare cut payments to the doctors, I have to travel to see my doctor and I do not get a infusion I get a shot, but I would rather do it in his office, not in a hospital.

Get out of the health care business and let the doctors do what they need to for their patients.  The government didn’t go to medical school…….the doctors did  !!!!

Carefully study the issue, get doctors perspective, get patient input and make sure the government does not move forward without the blessing of the congress!!


Since it will actually increase the costs to Medicare with patients having to go to hospitals, Congress should try to put a stop to it while it’s a “pilot.”