Virginia Certificate of Public Need (COPN) Law Reform

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September 10th, 2016

Most of us are all tuned into the Presidential elections, yet in state legislatures around the country we have an opportunity to ensure that access to health care is underpinned by need, instead of bureaucratic red tape and the lack of competition because of overbearing market players.

For the last few years, RetireSafe has been focused on reforming state’s Certificate of Need laws, and the Virginia policymakers in Richmond are primed to roll-back these antiquated laws that will help get the government out of our health care.

These 1970s-era federal government healthcare mandates have been stifling competition, prohibiting innovation, delaying patient care, and increasing costs for healthcare in Virginia. Through real reform, the free market will create a balanced approach to increase access to essential healthcare services and reduce costs.  Where consumers need additional health services, physicians and hospitals would be empowered to offer those services without asking permission from the state government.

In the most recent legislative session, Virginia’s leaders were unable to find common ground to put patients and the interests of the Commonwealth first. Comprehensive reform to our Certificate of Public Need (COPN) laws is needed to ensure that access and need trump outsized monopolies that drive up costs.

Now, the work must continue to provide Virginians better choices and access to the best health care the 21st century has to offer – we can do that today by urging the Virginia General Assembly to standup to special interests and fight back to repeal the costly and outdated COPN laws.

Together we can increase access to care and lower costs for all patients in the Commonwealth.

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