Who We Are!

Mission Statement

As a grass-roots, non-profit organization formed in 1991, RetireSafe’s mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of mature Americans on issues including Social Security, Medicare, health, safe retirement and financial well-being.

Our Principles

RetireSafe believes that…
  • It is essential that our government keep its promises, protect our nation, and maintains the safety and personal freedoms of its citizens.
  • Public policy must promote individual empowerment and freedom of choice in healthcare, retirement and financial well-being with limited government interference and intrusion.
  • Social Security and Medicare must be protected for current recipients and those nearing eligibility.
  • Public policy should facilitate the ability of mature Americans to choose to remain in their homes as they age.
  • Individual Americans must have a voice in public healthcare policy made by Government that affects them.
  • Our military must remain strong and our veterans supported during and after their service.

Check out our organization’s INFOGRAPHIC to learn more about what we are doing to Stand Up For You!