Message From The President

Dear Senior,
For years, you’ve been forced to pay more at the pharmacy counter while middlemen like insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) pocket the savings from manufacturer rebates and discounts. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just proposed a rule to fix this so YOU, the patient, can finally reap the benefit of savings generated by these manufacturer rebates.
The new proposal would require that any manufacturer discounts or rebates go directly to patients when checking out at the pharmacy counter, instead of going to PBMs and insurers– finally creating a fairer prescription drug market and helping seniors afford their medicines.
This is a significant step by the Administration to fulfill its promise of lowering out-of-pocket costs for patients and it’s important that we use our collective voice to show our approval and stop insurers and PBMs from slowing this needed change down. Click the button below to send email and tell HHS and your Member of Congress that you support this proposal to lower costs at the pharmacy counter.

Email that will be sent

Dear XX:

I write to you today, to voice my support for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed changes to the rebate system. The proposed rule will not only provide much-needed transparency in the drug pricing system, but it will ensure savings generated by those rebates directly benefit patients with high drug costs instead of middlemen. This will significantly improve access and affordability for seniors and other patients with chronic conditions, leading to better health outcomes and reduced long-term medical spending.

I am pleased to see the Administration advancing out-of-pocket cost saving solutions like this one that puts seniors over middlemen {PBMs/Insurers} and I urge you to implement this proposal.




Thair Phillips - President of RetireSafe