Who We Are

Mission Statement

As a grass-roots, non-profit organization formed in 1991, RetireSafe’s mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of mature Americans on issues including Social Security, Medicare, health, safe retirement and financial well-being.


Our Principles

RetireSafe believes that...

  • Public policy must promote individual empowerment, self-reliance and accountability. Allow freedom of choice in healthcare, retirement and financial well-being with limited government interference and intrusion.
  • Social Security and Medicare must be protected for current recipients and those nearing eligibility.
  • Public policy should facilitate the ability of mature Americans to choose to remain in their homes as they age.
  • Individual Americans must have a voice in public healthcare policy made by Government that affects them.
  • Our military must remain strong and our veterans supported during and after their service.




Major: Politics and International Affairs

Year: Senior

Semester Aspirations: I am excited to learn more about healthcare policy and issues facing our senior citizens as well as educating myself about lobbying and networking.

Fun Fact: I run a political podcast named “Regrettably Moderate” which has quickly grown from a small show, listened to by family and friends, to a larger show introducing multiple guests and having over 600 listeners.




Major: Public Health

Year: Senior

Semester Aspirations: I'm very excited to learn about the healthcare needs of the elderly population and advocate for them. As well as research more about public and health policy. I am also very excited to work with the interns and learn from them. And as always, #GoBulls

Fun Fact: I am from Venezuela and I've been in the US for almost 3 years.




Major: Public Health

Year: Junior

Semester Aspirations: I’m excited to learn about the different methods of educating/advocating for our members through social media.

Fun Fact: I enjoy indoor rock climbing and started learning how to cook various Asian dishes during quarantine.





Major: Economics and Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration

Year: Junior

Semester Aspirations: I’m eager to learn about the inner workings of lobbying as well as gaining invaluable experience from the creation of educational seminars aimed at informing elderly individuals.

Fun Fact: In September of 2020 I became the youngest member of the Rotary Club of Bedford and was soon placed in the position of Bedford High School’s Interact Chair.