Message From The President

Statement Released Regarding “HR3 – The House Drug Pricing Package”

WASHINGTON, DC – RetireSafe, a leading advocate for mature Americans’ access to Medicare, issued the following statement regarding HR3, the House’s drug pricing package:

RetireSafe is deeply concerned about the negative impact the proposed changes will have on beneficiaries and the larger Medicare marketplace.  Proposals to institute penalties and price controls – either set by our government or based off of foreign health care systems – undermine the program’s competitive structure which has been instrumental in providing access to a wide range of medications. Furthermore, many of the changes outlined in the leaked package could jeopardize patient access to new and innovative medications and limit patient choice of treatment.

Though we are encouraged by lawmakers continued work to address drug pricing, this package misses the mark by focusing on government savings rather than patient needs. Aging Americans already face many obstacles in accessing high-quality care and this package will only add more administrative barriers while doing nothing to directly address factors that increase beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket spending. We urge Congress to dismiss the harmful changes included in HR 3 and instead remain focused on policy proposals that specifically take aim at the expenses facing patients at the pharmacy counter.


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