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Message From The President

September 25, 2020 – RetireSafe has released the following statement expressing concern about the Trump Administration’s issuance of a final rule allowing agency-authorized programs to purchase and import medication from Canada.

“The coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant disruption in the delivery of essential healthcare services ranging from delayed treatment due to closed doctors’ offices to delayed filling of prescriptions as a result of stay at home orders. Now, allowing importation of medications from Canada poses a significant risk for mature adults and patients across the United States, while doing nothing to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Importing medication from abroad poses a significant health risk to patients as foreign governments cannot ensure medication being imported is either safe or effective. There is also the very real threat of contaminated medication, as approximately 10% of medication worldwide is counterfeit. Furthermore, the cost of authenticating imported medication and ensuring its safety would likely offset any projected savings importation would create. Instead of this policy, we encourage the administration to make a concerted effort towards real patient centric reforms that can lower out-of-pocket costs while ensuring the health and safety of patients.”


We want to know what products the Mature Adults of America are using. Please click the button below to take a quick survey that will help us know more about the people we represent.  THANKS!



Ever since the world changed during this Pandemic, RetireSafe has been reaching out to America's Seniors via Surveys to see what issues they are dealing with... quarantine and isolation, access to medical care and medication, supplies, finances, and others.

The first 3 surveys are essentially the same questions, that we sent out for three weeks in a row. We wanted to first see how our Seniors were doing and then to see if their concerns and needs were changing as we got deeper in to this Pandemic.

Covid19 Survery Results Week 1Covid19 Survey Results Multiple Choice Week 2Covid19 Survey Results Multiple Choice Week 3








The 4th survey is asking Seniors about their medical care, in particular access to doctors and medications.

Covid19 Medical Survey



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