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As a grass-roots, non-profit organization formed in 1991, RetireSafe educates and advocates on behalf of senior Americans on issues including Social Security, Medicare, health, safe retirement and financial well-being. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about how We Stand For You!

Message from the president

RetireSafe’s Vision for 2024

RetireSafe’s Healthcare advocacy and education priorities for 2024 are listed below. Our organization will monitor various legislation that we will champion and, as a result, will continue to visit our legislators to discuss your opinions. In addition to advocacy, RetireSafe will continue to create educational webinars for your benefit. RetireSafe values your support and opinion – surveys conducted throughout the year help us address your retirement concerns. With this being a Presidential Election year, we will be creating a non-partisan fact sheet on each candidate. We will list each candidate’s stance on various topics including Social Security, Medicare, and more.

Our Legislative Priorities:

  • Ensure telehealth services provided during the public health emergency are maintained and made permanent
  • Monitor restrictive utilization management practices on patients through prior authorization and step therapy policy solutions
  • Encourage Congress to create a solution that will make Medicare and Social Security solvent
  • Call on Congress to help significantly reduce drug costs by requiring more transparency in Pharmacy Benefit Managers business practices and how they impact out-of-pocket costs for seniors
  • Monitor Congress to ensure that they recognize how important it is that seniors have access to quality health care services that meet their needs, including affordable home and community-based service; dental, hearing, and vision care; mental health services; and family caregiver supports
  • Introduce legislation that will prosecute criminals who target seniors with predatory advertisements and scams
  • Ensure veteran healthcare systems continue to access proper funding and that mental health is added to future programs


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We are seeking dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors.
If you are interested in contributing to our mission, please contact Mark Gibbons at mark@retiresafe.org.

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7 days ago

Understanding Obesity: A Step Towards Better Health 🌟 Learn about the risks, prevention, and ways to live healthier lives. Together, we can combat this global issue. #HealthAwareness #fightobesity #retiresafe #obesity #retirement ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Great news for Medicare Part D beneficiaries! Starting in 2025, a new cap and smoothing system will be implemented to help manage out-of-pocket costs for prescription medications. This change aims to provide more predictable expenses and greater peace of mind. Stay informed and plan ahead for these upcoming improvements! #MedicarePartD #healthcareupdates #SeniorWellbeing ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Protect the health of 65 million seniors! Act now to prevent cuts to 800 critical lab tests in January 2024. Urge Congress to pass #salsa to ensure continued access to essential care. Learn more: stoplabcuts.org/ ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Are you curious about Medicare Part D? Our latest post covers all the essentials of prescription drug coverage under Medicare. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a refresher, we've got you covered. Click the link to learn more and ensure you're maximizing your benefits! #MedicarePartD #SeniorHealth #StayInformed #retiresafe ... See MoreSee Less
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📢 65 million seniors depend on lab tests for their health. Without action, 800 vital tests faced cuts in Jan 2024. Urge Congress to pass #SALSA to protect access! Act now: https://stoplabcuts.org/ #Healthcare #SeniorCare #ProtectOurSeniors

Exciting update! Our new website is live! Check it out to learn more about our mission, stay informed, and discover how you can get involved. Visit now - the link is in our bio! Let’s make a difference together! ✨ #Impact #GetInvolved #StayInformed #MissionDriven #CheckItOut

NEWS: The President just announced two executive orders that will relieve undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens and “Dreamers” from deportation, granting work authorizations to about half a million undocumented immigrants and work visas to DACA recipients.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Key differences at a glance! Check out the main points in the picture and visit our new website for more details. Stay informed and take charge of your health! #Healthcare #Medicare #Medicaid #StayInformed

Our new website is live! Check out at https://www.retiresafe.org/ to learn more about our mission, stay informed, and how you can get involved in our organization!

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RetireSafe is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the welfare, freedom, and rights of seniors by actively engaging in advocacy and providing educational resources.