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Message From The President

May 26, 2020 – RetireSafe released the following statement in response to CMMI’s Part D Senior Savings Model:

“We are pleased to see the Administration taking steps to lower medical spending for patients in this great hour of need. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services most recent proposal enables participating Part D plans to offer fixed, predictable copays for insulin. Beneficiaries who enroll in plans under this new model could see average out-of-pocket savings of 66 percent for their insulins as a result of partnerships between insulin manufacturers and insurers. This is an encouraging move by the administration as it continues to uphold its promise to improve the Medicare program and the access it provides to so many. Still, there are other opportunities to improve access and affordability for all patients such as rebate reform. Changes like this can improve access to quality care for millions of maturing adults across the country and I urge the Administration to continue exploring similar helpful changes as we work to address new health care obstacles created by this pandemic.

Ever since the world changed during this Pandemic, RetireSafe has been reaching out to America's Seniors via Surveys to see what issues they are dealing with... quarantine and isolation, access to medical care and medication, supplies, finances, and others.

The first 3 surveys are essentially the same questions, that we sent out for three weeks in a row. We wanted to first see how our Seniors were doing and then to see if their concerns and needs were changing as we got deeper in to this Pandemic.

Covid19 Survery Results Week 1Covid19 Survey Results Multiple Choice Week 2Covid19 Survey Results Multiple Choice Week 3








The 4th survey is asking Seniors about their medical care, in particular access to doctors and medications.

Covid19 Medical Survey



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